Paddock Sale at Del Mar Sales Results

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1 Grand Corredora 2009 f. El Corredor Giant's Firestone Cliff Sise, Agent Not sold $13,000
2 Indian Winter 2008 g. Indian Charlie Backroom Blues Cliff Sise, Agent Charles Swafford $10,000
3 Majestic Moment 2009 c. Malibu Moon Silent Siren Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent Not sold $77,000
4 Here Comes Tribal 2011 f. Tribal Rule Mariah's Dancer Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent Rozamund Barclay $30,000
5 She's a Shy One 2011 f. Majestic Warrior Publicity Shy Checkmate Thoroughbreds (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent Carl O'Callaghan, Agent $30,000
6 Summer Time Ranger 2011 f. U S Ranger Bafferta SGV Thoroughbreds (Steven Venosa), Agent Brett Lindenbaum, Agent $50,000
7 Renees Wildcat 2011 c. Wildcat Heir Red Hot Renee McCarthy Bloodstock, Agent Vicky Dimitri or Sauci Belvoir $2,000
8 Sinfully 2010 c. Candy Ride (ARG) Devious Impact Cliff Sise, Agent Mr. Dennis R. O'Neill $50,000
9 Spring Bloom 2009 f. After Market Spring Festival Mary Rowan, Agent Not sold $68,000
10 Spritzy 2009 f. Honour and Glory Cazal Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent Vann or Sauci Belvoir $2,000
11 Mojave Red 2011 c. McCann's Mojave Thermal Ablasion Checkmate Thoroughbreds (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent Dr. Mikel C. Harrington, Agent $36,000
12 One More Wild Ride 2011 f. Wildcat Heir Tigress Express SGV Thoroughbreds (Steven Venosa), Agent Kristin Mulhall, Agent $60,000
14 Yomybato 2008 g. Mineshaft Secondary School Checkmate Thoroughbreds (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent Not sold $20,000
15 Kopper Kitty 2011 f. Old Topper Amber Kitty Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent Mersad Metanovic Bloodstock $35,000
16 Anillo 2010 g. Aragorn (IRE) Stylish Mission SGV Thoroughbreds (Steven Venosa), Agent Mersad Metanovic Bloodstock $75,000
17 Echo Zulu 2011 c. E Z Warrior Anuska Checkmate Thoroughbreds (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent Rockingham Ranch $55,000
18 Rangi (GB) 2010 g. New Approach (IRE) Miss Queen McCarthy Bloodstock, Agent Mersad Metanovic Bloodstock $75,000
19 Home of America 2011 f. Forefathers Appealing Andover SGV Thoroughbreds (Steven Venosa), Agent Withdrawn $0
20 Candy's Jewel 2009 g. Candy Ride (ARG) All Pleasure Cliff Sise, Agent Not sold $15,000
21 Charlie Thomas 2011 c. Seeking the Dia Champion Ride McCarthy Bloodstock, Agent JRS Racing $7,000
22 Chandler's Angel 2010 c. Candy Ride (ARG) Ministerette Cliff Sise, Agent Withdrawn $0
23 Nesso 2011 f. Roman Ruler Devotedness SGV Thoroughbreds (Steven Venosa), Agent Not sold $85,000
24 Evening News 2011 f. Swiss Yodeler Evening Walk McCarthy Bloodstock, Agent Not sold $52,000
25 Eternal Flame 2011 c. Unusual Heat Foreverinthegame McCarthy Bloodstock, Agent for M. Auerbach, LLC Not sold $105,000
26 Sweet Red Cat 2010 f. Bluegrass Cat Sweet Soul Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent Judi Partridge $80,000
27 Oscar Party 2010 f. Dixie Union Dream Lady SGV Thoroughbreds (Steven Venosa), Agent James M. Cassidy, Agent $510,000
28 Side Letter 2011 f. Henny Hughes Southern Scholar Checkmate Thoroughbreds (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent Rockingham Ranch $150,000
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