CHRB Regulations

The California Horse Racing Board regulations in Chapter 4 of Title 4 of the California Administrative Code read as follows:


1807. Authorized Horse Sales. Upon application by a recognized breeders’ association, sales organization or any other person, the Board may authorize a horse sale or horse auction sale for the sale of race horses or breeding stock that is used in the production of race horses, to be held on the premises of a racing association, and the authorization and approval of such horse sale or horse auction sale shall be upon such conditions as may be imposed by the Board.

1808. Medications Prior to Sale.

(a). No person owning or having care, custody or control over a horse offered for sale at an authorized horse sale or horse auction sale under the jurisdiction of the Board shall administer to such horse any substance which is recognized as an injectable, oral or topical medication or drug within 72 hours of the time the horse is offered for sale unless the administration of the medication or drug is reported to the official veterinarian appointed by the Board to act at the authorized horse sale or horse auction sale prior to the sale of such horse in such manner as the official veterinarian may direct.

(b). Upon request of a prospective purchaser of a horse offered for sale at such authorized horse sale or horse auction sale the official veterinarian shall make available to the prospective purchaser the report of medication administered to the said horse.

(c). Compliance with this section is the responsibility of the consignor of the horse offered for sale and/or the person or persons having the care, custody or control of said horse. Violation of this section is punishable at the discretion of the Board by fine or in such other manner as may be determined by the Board.

1809. Post-Sale Tests. The official veterinarian at any authorized horse sale or horse auction sale may administer a blood test to any horse sold at such sale and shall make such test if requested to do so immediately by the purchaser of the horse, and the blood sample shall be delivered to the official laboratory approved by the Board for analysis.

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