Barretts Sales Stakes

Two-Year-Olds, Yearlings and weanlings which pass through the Barretts sale ring may be made eligible for one of two sale stakes ($100,000 guaranteed excluding $7,500 in nominators awards) to be run during the Fairplex Race Meeting, the Barretts Juvenile Stakes for two-year-old colts/geldings and the Barretts Debutante for two-year-old fillies (6-1/2 furlongs), provided that the initial nominating fee, all appropriate sale fees, and subsequent eligibility payments have been made to Barretts, or Fairplex Park where applicable. Buyers (and consignors in the event of charge backs) will be required to maintain eligibility by making additional sustaining payments in a timely manner. The amounts and timing of such payments must be made as follows: $250 per horse (nonrefundable), due June 15 of two-year-old year for all eligibile horses except those offered in a Summer Sale when a single payment covering both nominating and sustaining payment must be made on the day of the auction; $500 at time of entry; and $500 to start. If any of these payments are not timely made, there will be no supplementary payments accepted for any two-year-old in order to restore its eligibility for either stakes. The dates of payment of the entry and starting fees will be determined by the Fairplex Park Racing Secretary. If there is a sufficient number of eligible two-year-olds, there will be a division for colts and geldings and a division of fillies. Should either division overfill, the Racing Secretary may elect to split either race or to limit the number of starters, with preference to stakes winners; next stakes-placed horses; then winners; and lastly maidens by earnings. There may be exclusions due to these conditions. Should either division fail to fill, the two divisions may be combined into one race. Conditions of either division may be altered due to unforeseeable circumstances.

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