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Yearling Sale 2014
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Julie Adair Stack, Agent, Dixie Chatter - Ban, The Pamplemousse - Comical Vacation, Cindago - Trauma Queen
Checkmate Thoroughbreds (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent, Giacomo - Cherokee Toast
50......SASH, dk.b./br.f., Munnings - Dominga
64......b.c., The Pamplemousse - Expense, The Pamplemousse - Gizmo Girl
76......OUR MISCHIEF, dk.b./br.f., Heatseeker (IRE) - Glitteringmischief, Langfuhr - Jaciro, Globalize - Marketable, Marino Marini - Miz Kool
160.....TEN DOLLAR NOTE, b.f., Dixie Chatter - Offwasispeedin, Slew's Tiznow - Regina S., Scat Daddy - Seekitana
219.....STARDUSTED, gr./ro.c., Concord Point - Stormy Regina, The Pamplemousse - Three For Marino
Checkmate Thoroughbreds (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent for Golden Eagle Farm, Stormin Fever - Desert View (GB)
122.....b.f., Stormin Fever - Lila Paige
234.....FAST LANE LARRY, b.c., Rocky Bar - Throne Seeker
250.....b.c., Blame - Western Hemisphere
The Cole Ranch
68......DIAMOND FUSION, b.f., Giacomo - Flower Fusion, Lucky Pulpit - Lite Stepper
128.....b.f., Unusual Heat - Lottawampum
243.....b.f., Tribal Rule - Tuesdays With P
253.....b.c., Tribal Rule - Wild Tickle
The Cole Ranch, Agent
33......FEELING THE HEAT, b.f., Heatseeker (IRE) - Chapeau
156.....RENO RENDEZVOUS, ch.f., Heatseeker (IRE) - Nine to Five Lady
John Golightly, Agent
47......b.c., First Defence - Devil Indeed, The Pamplemousse - Dream's (CHI), Prime Timber - Endangered Forest
66......b.c., The Pamplemousse - Farallon, Square Eddie - Gallantin Gal, Prime Timber - Greensweep
101.....b.c., Ten Most Wanted - Jade's Song, Philanthropist - Kiss of Fire
114.....b.c., Exhi - Knights End, Tribal Rule - Ladylore
121.....b.f., Global Hunter (ARG) - Ligacao Direta (BRZ), Belong to Me - Miss Beekman Place
155.....b.f., Haynesfield - Night Spirit, Global Hunter (ARG) - Nossa Cancao (BRZ)
163.....b.f., Artie Schiller - Paz Ciudadana (CHI)
168.....b.f., Latent Heat - Powder Punch
179.....b.c., Warrior's Reward - Rivanna River, Fort Prado - Sassy Senorita, Prime Timber - Tiz a Mistress
Green Acre Stables, Inc. (Jack and Barb Hatch), Thorn Song - Holiday Sale, Thorn Song - Treed Cat
Green Acre Stables, Inc. (Jack and Barb Hatch), Agent, Lucky Pulpit - Fantasy Rocks
77......b.c., Lucky Pulpit - Gloriousexcitement
Harris Farms
38......b.f., Heatseeker (IRE) - Cinema Paradisa
93......b.f., Unusual Heat - Hotlantic, Thorn Song - Image of Glory, Lucky Pulpit - Keep Active, Lucky Pulpit - Mesquite, Unusual Heat - Top of Our Game
Harris Farms, Agent, Unusual Heat - Burning Desire
102.....b.f., Lucky Pulpit - Jetinwithkennedy
Harris Farms, Agent for M. Auerbach, LLC and Barry Abrams
88......FIREBALL, ch.c., Heatseeker (IRE) - Heatology
Harris Farms, Agent for M. Auerbach, LLC, Barry Abrams and Richard Rosenberg, Unusual Heat - Sandy Cheeks
Harris Farms, Agent for M. Auerbach, LLC and John C. Harris, Thorn Song - Soo Steamy
Harris Farms, Agent for Richard Chapin, Heatseeker (IRE) - Miss Rhythmic
Harris Farms, Agent for Stephen Ferraro, Dixie Chatter - Wild Apart
Harris Farms, Agent for Jim Georggin, Thorn Song - Crazy Tricia
Harris Farms, Agent for Harry and Cheryl Keshian, Lucky Pulpit - Chocolate Meeting
Harris Farms, Agent for Harold Larson
221.....b.c., Lucky Pulpit - Sunny Days Ahead
Harris Farms, Agent for Valpredo Farms, Thorn Song - Blue Corn Moon
110.....LUCKY WITH YOU, b.c., Lucky Pulpit - Kind Lady
Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent, Time to Get Even - Amorous Angie
11......b.f., Yes It's True - Bayou Miss
14......IN NOTHING FLAT, dk.b./br.c., Southern Africa - Be Right Back, Unusual Heat - Biscay Bay (ARG), Marino Marini - Bouquet of Roses, Tribal Rule - Bunk, Good Journey - Cantina's Rose, Run Brother Run - Chalet Chanteuse
32......BONSALL BREEZE, ch.c., Dixie Chatter - Chalk Face, Dixie Chatter - Chetten County
44......STORMIN JUDE, dk.b./br.f., Stormin Fever - Deputy of Wood, Old Topper - Dreaming of Janet, War Chant - Endorse, Stormy Atlantic - Eternal Melody (NZ)
67......MOST NOTORIOUS, b.c., Ten Most Wanted - Flashy Notorious, Dixie Chatter - Free Danish, Informed - Grey Babe
85......b.c., Blame - Hameildaeme (GB)
94......b.f., Slew's Tiznow - Ihaveadate
96......FOXY FRANNY, dk.b./br.f., Giacomo - Improvising
113.....KISSIN KATY, b.f., Tribal Rule - Kissout, Marino Marini - Lily Ascot
125.....b.f., Sierra Sunset - Lily La Belle, Cowboy Cal - Love Ya Bye, Awesome Gambler - Macho Lady, Stormin Fever - Mini Skirt
141.....TANZOR, dk.b./br.c., Langfuhr - Miracle Worker, Sidney's Candy - Miss Afleet Alex
149.....b.f., Dixie Chatter - Mohaka, Awesome Gambler - Molly's Gone, Informed - My Red Lady
154.....NATIVE CHROME, dk.b./br.c., Lucky Pulpit - Native Trinket, Slew's Tiznow - Presidential Heat
173.....MALIBU JOURNEY, dk.b./br.c., Good Journey - Quite Beautiful, Informed - Rainbow's Way, Albertus Maximus - Sausalita (IRE)
191.....OUTRAGE, b.c., Idiot Proof - Seattle Avenue
198.....PROVOCATIVE SONG, b.f., Songandaprayer - Shesoprovocative
199.....SHRED THE RULES, dk.b./br.c., Tribal Rule - Shred the Excess, Grace Upon Grace - Silver Deposit
201.....SIMPLY AWESOME, ch.c., Awesome Gambler - Simply Run
207.....b.c., Southern Image - Sonora Desert
215.....b.f., Roi Charmant - Starlet Sky
216.....STATELY COMMAND, dk.b./br.f., Forest Command - Stately Belle
222.....THUNDER GAMES, b.c., Tribal Rule - Super Flo
223.....AND CLYDE, ch.c., Aragorn (IRE) - Sweet Bonnie, Dixie Chatter - Sweetpea, Roi Charmant - The Toast Of Troy, Slew's Tiznow - Thoughtthatcounts, Lucky Pulpit - Tiz A Problem
237.....TIZ ROLLY, dk.b./br.c., Tribal Rule - Tiz Folly
247.....PACIFIC SWELL, b.f., Artie Schiller - Wavy Lass, Sierra Sunset - Western Engagement
Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent for Liberty Road Stables
2.......b.f., Storm Wolf - Amendment (IRE), Storm Wolf - Fluid Move, Storm Wolf - Good Secretary, Storm Wolf - Just Fly, Unusual Heat - Lake Marina, Storm Wolf - Oakley's Song, Southern Image - Sophisticated Sis
Havens Bloodstock Agency, Inc., Agent for Rainbow Meadows Farm, Tribal Rule - Astral Dreamer
H & E Ranch, Harlan's Holiday - Ashley's Glory, Scat Daddy - Golden Peach, Afleet Alex - Hisse, Smoke Glacken - Honora Helen, Macho Uno - Life (FR), English Channel - Phi Beta Heat
Sam Hendricks, Agent, Afleet Alex - Appealing Afare
9.......AWESOME IMAGE, ch.c., Southern Image - Awesome Liberty, Scorewithcater - Belle Lu, Swiss Yodeler - Beyond Brite
26......CANDY'S MOUSSE, b.f., The Pamplemousse - Candy Factory, Bushwacker - Catchthecat
52......b.f., Unusual Heat - Dotsy Jean, Heatseeker (IRE) - Evil Intentions, Awesome Gambler - Heavenly, Lucky Pulpit - Quiet Moment, Majestic Warrior - Radiant Belle
178.....SILVER TASSEL, b.f., Heatseeker (IRE) - Ribbons, Awesome Gambler - Robotica, Twirling Candy - Rugula, Awesome Gambler - Seattle Sweetie
195.....PULPIT PREACHER, ch.f., Lucky Pulpit - Sensitive Soul, Grace Upon Grace - Song of Music, Popular - Spanish Halo
226.....LUCKY TRAIL, dk.b./br.c., Lucky Pulpit - Tammy's Trail
232.....THOU SHALT RULE, ch.f., Tribal Rule - Thou Shalt Not
248.....b.c., Bluegrass Cat - Weatheringthestorm, Dixie Chatter - Ying Ying
259.....ACUTE FEVER, b.f., Stormin Fever - Yodelers Soul
260.....b.c., Tribal Rule - Loma Linda Lass
J & M Thoroughbreds (Greg Fanning), Agent
82......b.c., Sapphire Cat - Grandiosity
169.....b.c., Sapphire Cat - Preaching, Sapphire Cat - Sav Blanc
Mary Knight, Agent
42......BOLD AT NIGHT, dk.b./br.f., Bold Chieftain - Darkness Night (ARG), Dixie Chatter - Desert Ballet
51......CHARLEY NOBLE, ch.c., Unusual Heat - Don't Forget Aryn
73......b.f., Include - Girl Named Sam
103.....WONDERFUL ROBIN, dk.b./br.f., Tiz Wonderful - Jill Robin L, Aragorn (IRE) - Key Lime Pie
135.....SUMMER CHAT, b.c., Dixie Chatter - Marry by Summer, Decarchy - Mink Kiss, Good Journey - Misty Water, Dixie Chatter - My Charming Tiger
161.....b.c., Dixie Chatter - Our Hualalai, Bedford Falls - Penuche Royale
185.....b.c., Decarchy - Sabella, Discreet Cat - See Me Through, Discreetly Mine - Shahalie Lake, Dixie Chatter - Song of Summer
214.....b.f., Tribal Rule - Stacie's Smile
217.....SIDURI, b.f., Lucky Pulpit - Stitch N Run
218.....SAMMY WONDER STONE, b.c., Good Journey - Stone Justice, Aragorn (IRE) - Tavern On Rush
Mary Knight, Agent for Vessels Stallion Farm, LLC
21......b.g., Square Eddie - Breezy Music
220.....b.f., Square Eddie - Stretchinthelimits
Lovacres Ranch, Agent, Awesome Gambler - Arta B Tappin, Awesome Gambler - Macho Miss, Grace Upon Grace - Passionte Kip, Bushwacker - Run Kitty Run, Scat Daddy - Unbridled Echo, Grace Upon Grace - Unbridled Meeting
Madera Thoroughbreds LLC
1.......MADERA TIME, ch.c., Elusive Warning - Ambitious Angels
78......MADERA MAGIC, b.f., Elusive Warning - G Ma
97......MADERA JUBILEE, gr./ro.f., Big Brown - Insinuation
98......INNUERE, b.f., Elusive Warning - Inuendo
211.....FLAMING VIXEN, b.f., Elusive Warning - Sparkling Fox
McCarthy Bloodstock, Agent
18......SNOWY, gr./ro.f., Old Fashioned - Blossom Rock
30......CAUGHT AT THE CAPE, ch.c., Cape Blanco (IRE) - Caught in the Act
43......b.c., Benchmark - Deo's Secret
48......b.f., Lemon Drop Kid - Diamond Dilemma (IRE)
53......b.c., Stormin Fever - Double Dip
81......LYMEBYRD, ch.c., Limehouse - Gorgeous Trieste, Old Fashioned - Ivy Lane
171.....EMMY AND I, ch.f., Heatseeker (IRE) - Priceless Gem, Lucky Pulpit - Salah Love, Arch - Shadow Giant, Tiz Wonderful - Smoken Dreams, Tale of the Cat - Songwriter, Dixie Chatter - Spice Spice Baby
Oak Hill Farm
63......GRUMPY, dk.b./br.f., Forest Command - Excess Lady
157.....TUMBLEWEEDPRINCESS, dk.b./br.f., Forest Command - Nite Moon
Oak Hill Farm, Agent for Michael J. Riley
177.....b.c., Lucky Pulpit - Revillew Slew
255.....WISH FOR LUCK, dk.b./br.f., Lucky Pulpit - Wishingmakesitso
Ransom Ranch Equine, Black Seventeen - Bruneau Time
49......DANCERS EVENT, dk.b./br.f., Chayya Dance - Divine Event, Black Seventeen - From the Clouds, Black Seventeen - Miss Tough, Sea of Secrets - Please Lord
183.....b.f., Black Seventeen - Runaway Mother
b.c., Sea of Secrets - Bankers Belle
River Edge Farm, Inc., Agent
133.....b.f., Tribal Rule - Maralago, Dixie Chatter - Miss Ballard
Colleen Turpin-Boyce, Agent, Sea of Secrets - Anuska
West 12 Ranch
106.....b.c., Marino Marini - Just Lookn
West 12 Ranch, Agent
86......b.c., Slew's Tiznow - Harlan Express
87......b.f., Tribal Rule - Heather's Charm, Southern Image - Money Lover, The Pamplemousse - Thermal Ablasion
Willow Tree Farm, Inc., Noble Court - Chloe's Edition, Bold Chieftain - Curtsy, Giacomo - Kaloula, Thorn Song - Kissed by Class, Giacomo - Lady From Shanghai, Papa Clem - Transcending
Woodbridge Farm, Agent, Paddy O'Prado - Betar B Sharp
25......MIDNIGHT MING, dk.b./br.c., Midnight Lute - Candi Capri, Sea of Secrets - Capital Growth
59......b.c., Regal Ransom - Erasingly, Eskendereya - Erica's Smile
75......BOLEO, b.c., Papa Clem - Glamour Cat, Rocky Bar - Just Hoping, Rocky Bar - Kriskeri
123.....CARLOS DANGEROUS, dk.b./br.c., Sierra Sunset - Lil Tahoma, Lucky Pulpit - Lion Princess
130.....b.c., Ready's Image - Love You Crazy, Tribal Rule - Midnite Mama, Sierra Sunset - Perfect Choice, Desert Code - Spring Vacation, Lucky Pulpit - Sweet Femme, Sierra Sunset - Tchula Miss
252.....SRIRACHA HEAT, ch.c., Unusual Heat - Wild Reflection
254.....b.c., Scat Daddy - Windover, Lucky Pulpit - Yerevan Sky, Desert Code - Yerevan Storm
Yakutis Enterprises, LLC (Tat Yakutis), Agent
56......b.f., Papa Clem - Dynahere
119.....LUCKY PLOTTER, ch.c., Lucky Pulpit - Lasting Beauty
181.....b.c., Southern Image - R Skadi, Papa Clem - Smooch Me, Papa Clem - Town Glory, Lucky Pulpit - Vogue Queen
Yakutis Enterprises, LLC (Tat Yakutis), Agent for Marion Kem Christensen
136.....RED OBSESSION, ch.c., Dixie Chatter - Match Ball



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