Bleeder. A horse which during or following exercise or during a race is found by the official track veterinarian or steward to be shedding blood from one or both nostrils or is found to have bled internally. This horse may be placed on the bleeder list by the official track veterinarian.

Breeding Stock. Stallions, stallion prospects, broodmares and broodmare prospects are “breeding stock” as that term is used in the Conditions of Sale for this auction.

Broodmare. A female horse that has been bred and is used to produce foals. For purposes of the Conditions of Sale for this auction, the term “broodmare” includes a female horse described in the Catalog as a “broodmare prospect.”

Broodmare Prospect. A female horse described in the Catalog as a “broodmare prospect” is a horse that has not previously undergone the physical act of mating with a stallion.

CaliforniaHorse Racing Board (CHRB). The governing body for racing in California.

Coggins Test. A blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia.

Colt. A male four years old or younger which is not a gelding or ridgling, and which at time of sale (after July 1 of its yearling year) has two testes palpable in their entirety below the external inguinal ring.

Consignor. Each owner of a horse being offered for sale through the auction, and, as applicable, any agent or representative for such owner(s).

Cribber. A horse that has the habit of biting an object in order to suck air into its lungs.

Dam. The female parent of a horse.

Delivery Order. The document given to a buyer or the buyer’s agent or representative upon settlement of buyer’s account with Barretts, authorizing the buyer to take possession of a horse purchased at the sale from the consignor.

Eligibility. Current qualification to a stakes race or incentive program.

Filly. A female horse four years old or younger.

Foal. A young horse of any sex in its first year of life.

Gelding. A male horse of any age that has had both testicles removed.

Horse. A generic term for an equine animal. When reference is made to sexual category, the word “horse” shall mean an entire male five years old or older.

Horse of Racing Age. A horse two years old or older which is offered for sale in a horse of racing age sale or a horses of racing age sale session.

Incentive Programs. Programs through which certain horses are eligible to compete in restricted races or earn bonuses for their owners and/or breeders.

Jockey Club Certificate of Registration. The document describing and identifying registered Thoroughbreds by their parentage, sex, color, markings, location where foaled, and breeder of record. This document is issued by The Jockey Club.

Lasix (furosemide). A medicine which lowers blood pressure and is often used as a treatment for horses which are “bleeders.”

Maiden. A horse that has never won a race. As used in connection with breeding, it is a female horse that has not previously undergone the physical act of mating with a stallion.

Mare. A female horse five years old or older.

Medication Report. A report completed by consignor, and required by the CHRB, which lists any medication administered to a sales horse within seventy-two (72) hours of its being offered for sale at any auction recognized by the CHRB.

Nerved. A horse that has had an operation or manipulation in which the sensory nerve is blocked or severed to temporarily or permanently eliminate pain in that area.

Pedigree. Lineage or parentage.

Pre-Sale Interstate Delivery Agreement. The document necessary for exemption from California state sales tax.

Producer. A mare with at least one offspring that has won a race.

Ridgling. A male horse with one or both testicles which, after July 1 of its yearling year, are not palpable in their entirety below the external inguinal ring.

Repository. The location designated by Barretts, if any, for the deposit by consignor of information regarding sale horses.

SalePremises. For purposes of Condition Eighth of the Conditions of Sale for this auction, the area consisting of the sales pavilion, showring, holding ring and sale barns. The sale premises does not include such areas as the official CHRB enclosure for Fairplex Park or its race track.

Sire. The male parent of a horse.

Spotters. The employees of the auctioneer who, acting as intermediaries between auctioneer and bidders, acknowledge bids made as a horse is auctioned.

Stable Release. The document issued in exchange for the Delivery Order which allows purchased horses to be removed from the sale premises.

Stakes Engagements. The stakes races to which a horse has been nominated. Some stakes races have, as requirements, additional payments to maintain eligibility.

Stallion. A male horse that is used to breed mares.

Stallion Service Certificate. A document issued by The Jockey Club indicating that a broodmare has been serviced by a particular stallion.

Starter’s List. A list of horses that cannot be raced or entered until they have been schooled in the gate and approved by the starter. The official track starter maintains the list.

Steward’s List. A list of horses that perform poorly or have problems concerning their ownership, etc. They cannot be entered in a race until the matter is cleared by the stewards. This list is maintained by the official track stewards.

Suckling. A foal which is still nursing.

Suspensory. Ligaments that are attached to the sesamoids.

Tendon. Any of the inelastic cords of connective tissue that attach muscle to bone.

Two-Year-Old. Every Thoroughbred becomes a two-year-old on January 1 of the second year following the date of its birth.

Two-Year-Old in Training. A two-year-old horse which, at the time of sale, shall have been in an on-going “under tack” training program for not less than ninety (90) days prior to sale and is sold at a sales session exclusively for two-years-old in training.

Upset Price. The minimum acceptable price to open the bidding on a horse offered for sale in the auction.

Veterinarian’s List. A list of horses that may not be entered in a race until approved by the official racetrack veterinarian, who maintains said list.

Weanling. A foal which has been separated from its dam.

Wind. A horse’s capacity for breath.

Wobbler. A horse suffering from a more or less specific incoordination, diagnosed as locomotor ataxia.

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